Behind The Scenes: Girls

Girls is a short film by Linda Doyle about a young girl who is constantly thinking of new career paths for when she is older and roping her mum into her new money making schemes. 

The young girl is around 8 and is always coming home from school after talking with her friends to tell her mum about her new idea on how she can make money and new career paths for her such as YouTuber, Make-up artist, Painter and more. The young girl often ropes her mum into the crazy schemes and demonstrates on her when she wants to become a Make-up artist. 

Linda's short film was an experience, I got to have a go of being a camera operator, sound operator, photographer and director. It was fun to work on this all woman crew short film and helping Linda come up with new ideas on what she could include in her short film. The set was Linda's own house and she played the mum in the short and her granddaughter, Cora, played her daughter. It was a fun atmosphere on set, we were always laughing and group moral was always high.

The production took place over 3 separate days over a few weeks so it was a bit hard to keep continuity but Linda had fun making her short film and for her first go, she done great. We learned a lot over the course of Linda's production and were able to take notes of what we could do to improve our own productions in the future. 

Here are some photos that I took on set:


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