Logo and Banners design for a twitch streamer | commissioned piece

As I find myself trying yearning to be creative from my bed whilst I'm sick again, yeah, I got sick, I'm still sick and I am waiting to be tested for the pesky virus. I have been quarantined to my room as my gran and son shield in a different part of the house, meaning I have countless time on my hands at the moment. The good news is, I finally started watching movies again, I started out with Hustlers then went onto American Psycho, Psycho, Cabin in the woods, Friday 13th and a few more horror related titles.
But now I am sick of watching television, I don't feel great a lot of the time, I'm mostly in bed rolling around in pain and coughing, but sometimes I have a tiny amount of energy, so when I get it, I want to use it. I've tried turning my boredom into a chance for me to express my creativity since I am sick of not doing anything and so far, I am enjoying experimenting with different adobe applications. 

My partner does some twitch streaming from time to time, more so now that he has been furloughed, so I decided to make some graphics for him after the months of him asking in conversation now and then. I was a little nervous at first since this was work for someone else, even if it was my own decision. I got a small brief from him, I wanted to treat it like a proper client experience, just to fill my own curiosity and I worked from that, noting to use the colours highlighted and the type of graphic he was looking for to be on brand with his name. 

I started by finding a graphic of a bear to use, unfortunately I couldn't find one to fit the theme in white so I took a look through Adobe stock and found the bear graphic that I ultimately used, It started off as black with a white background but after playing around on photoshop using the magic eraser and paint tool, I turned it into the very thing I needed. 

I created three graphics, one profile picture, one Twitch banner and one Twitter header. I found the process exciting and when I saw the finished product, all be it simple, I was proud that I created something for someone else that they were excited about. 

I've realised that I quite enjoy putting graphics together and have since started to play around more with creating blog graphics and headers. Being able to pick up a new hobby, especially right now has been a bit of a god send, I'm now trying to further my skills in graphics and logos, who knows, maybe I will keep this up once the lockdown is over.


  1. Great post Jordanne, I love that you've used your time being sick to be productive and enjoy some new skills, and I hope you're feeling better now.


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