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Since lockdown has been in effect I have been struggling with coming up with content ideas because I've been sort of moping about at the fact I can't get started on the short film ideas I had. Quarantine has meant that I can't get underway with them so I've been trying to come up with new ideas of short films that i can make whilst in the house and with the equipment I have. 

Admittedly I was in a bit of rut, I was panicking over not being able to create content, especially since it's my final year of college and I think that's stopping my creative juices from flowing, then I got really sick and wasn't able to move from my room for a couple of weeks and that made lockdown a lot worse than it was. But now I'm feeling a bit better, I've been brainstorming some ideas on short films that I can create from home, and that's when I got the idea for Lonely. 


Lonely is a short film about an elderly woman who is in the shielded category of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. She lives alone and hasn't had any human contact for months, normally her family would be coming round, having dinners and spending time with her which made life special to her but since the lockdown came into force she hasn't been able to see her great grandson apart from on facetime or through photos she is sent. Although she enjoys this interaction, it's not enough and she is really missing that human connection. 

There will be no dialogue in this short and everything will be purely visual with shots of the elderly woman, Norma, pottering around the house trying to stay busy. There will also be shots of Norma watching videos of her great grandson and granddaughter they have sent and there will be flashbacks to the times when they were able to be in the house with her. The whole piece will be an emotional one to show the hardship that a lot of elderly are facing at the moment and showing the importance of human interaction and how much it means to some people. 

I've put together a moodboard which focuses on the kind of feel I want the short to have with emphasis on families being together and also the elderly woman being on her own. 


I really want to portray the emotion in this and hope to create a 2-3 minute short. As there will be no dialogue I will be focusing on getting sounds of what is going on and ambience to add to the feeling of isolation as well as looking for some music that's going to fit the mood throughout. I have started creating a shot list for this short but I don't have a full breakdown of how I want it all to go together, instead I want to get footage of all the scenes I have in my mind and when it comes to editing, work out the best rhythm of how the short will flow. I do have a clear beginning, middle and end in my mind though and I plan to get a lot of little shots to piece together to creat some montages of sorts. 

I'm excited to finally have an idea and plan of content that I want to create and I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of May. I will keep my journal updated with my progress and behind the scenes of this project. 


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