Quarantine Consumption Part 1

When quarantine started I thought I would have so much free time to watch movies which in turn would give me some content for the blog in the form of movie reviews, but here I am, over a month into it and I've watched 0 movies... instead I've been consuming a different kind of media. 

I am a huge true crime buff, growing up I was obsessed with the serial killer and true crime books my mum kept at the top of the book shelf, maybe it's because they were out of reach, maybe it's because they were "forbidden", but what ever it was, it drew me in. I remember stealing The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, a book by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg when I was around 10 from my mums book shelf. I tucked myself away in my room, reading pages here and there when I could, hiding the book under my mattress so I wouldn't get caught, although, I'm sure my mum knew, she must have because there was an empty gap on the bookshelf but she never said anything to me and for that, I'm grateful because this sparked a passion in me for true crime. 

It might sound strange, a 10 year old with a fascination for true crime and killers and admittedly if I found out my son had a fascination with them at that age, I'd be worried but it was more out of morbid curiosity than anything and obtaining the unattainable in the form of my mums "adult books". This book, was the book that started me on the path of consuming as much true crime and serial killer content as possible and I've never looked back. 

I go through periods of watching, reading and listening to nothing but true crime, and quarantine just happens to have sparked one of those periods. I've watched countless YouTube videos about true crime from a couple of my favourite True crime YouTubers, listened to podcasts as I clean or lay in bed sick, I've consumed so many Netflix documentaries that I'm even appalled by the number count and I've started picking up those old books that were once my mums, I've became immersed in a world that is so fascinating yet appalling, and I'll be honest, I've loved it. 

At this point it's hard to find a story or case that I don't know about but that hasn't stopped me from watching multiple different videos or documentaries on the same story because each time I watch one, there's a new detail I pick up on that I didn't the first or second time round. A prime example of this is the case of the Ken and Barbie killers, Paul Bernardo "The Scarborough Rapist" and Karla Homolka, a murderous duo from Canada who committed absolutely horrendous crimes against young women, even killing Karlas own little sister, Tammy Homolka. I thought I was pretty clued up on this case, that was until I watched Stephanie Harlows three part series on YouTube where she covers the case in great detail and even I was shocked at some of the details that I didn't know about. 

I've not only learned some new details about cases from watching content though, reading or listening to books has also brought new information my way and I got sucked into a whirlwind of details about the Gianni Versace murder, specifically learning about Andrew Cunanan (Giannis killer) and how he was on a murderous rampage before even getting to Versace. I downloaded audible and listened to the book Vulgar Favours by Maureen Orth which is an amazing read/listen, the amount of depth to her book is jaw dropping and from there I've been listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos about Cunanan. 

Having sparked this passion again, it's got me thinking about how I can incorporate that into my blog, because lord knows I need some content ideas. So, instead of worrying about movie reviews and I have been worrying about that, I'm thinking of talking about different cases and or serial killers in different posts, like a true crime mini series. 

I'm still working out the logistics and how I can do it in a critical analysis way so it ties in with what I've learned at college but I think it would be interesting to talk about and its something I'm passionate about. My initial thinking is something along the lines of research and presenting my finding on different cases as I feel this will tie in with the fact there has been a lot of research throughout the Film and Television course thus far and whilst I can't be out, physically on production shoots etc.., I can use my research skills and critical thinking in another way. 

So, we'll see where this goes but I'm excited to possibly have some posts about cases I find interesting. 


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