Quarantine Consumption part 2

Last week I spoke about what I've been watching, listening to and reading so far in quarantine in my post "Quarantine Consumption part 1". There has been a lot of true crime and honestly, I'm obsessed and I thought keeping all of that side of things in one post was a better idea than mashing it up with the other topic I've been consuming as I could have just went on forever about true crime. So, another post is needed to touch upon the other side of the coin so to speak. 

As well as true crime, I've also been watching documentaries on Aliens and UFOs, now, I'm not going round the bend, honest, but it's something I've been interested in as long as I have true crime, probably longer. I'm not as big a buff about it as I am on true crime, but it does interest me and my mum definitely passed this curiosity on to me as she was OBSESSED with x-files, the woman was aliens mad and x-files was the catalyst for her deep dive into the world of conspiracies and aliens. Every year she would get a new book on the topic and even collected the X-Factor magazines that were released the the 1990's all about Cover ups, Paranormal, Mysteries, UFO's and more, which I still have to this day in the original binder.

I believe that there is life out there, there is no way that humans are the only life form in the whole of the universe but I'm not a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, I just have some loose views on the matter. 

I was watching alien conspiracy documentaries back in October last year as part of a Halloween series for my instagram where I would chat with others who were interested in this topic and we gave our own theories etc... and then I just kept on watching them, finding a new one every month to watch or listening to podcasts, so it's a topic that didn't start just because of quarantine, but it's become more of a "thing" since lockdown happened. I'll do a search on YouTube every couple of days to see if there are any new videos added that could be of interest and my friends regularly send me recommendations for podcasts or books about Aliens or UFOs and even articles written as I could read about them for hours. 

What I find really fascinating about this topic is the stories throughout the years from different parts of the world and how a lot of the "sightings" are very similar, if not identical. Now I know, a lot of people read someones story and then piggy back on that to create their own and I'm convinced that there haven't been anywhere near the amount of legitimate sightings there claim to be, people like to get in on stuff, you know? But, and hear me out, I do believe people have seen things and if we go back hundreds of thousands of years, there are cave paintings depicting strange flying objects in the sky and these have turned up all over the world, how do we explain that? 

For example, The alien astronaut rock murals of Val Camonica, these are one of the worlds largest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs which can be found in Italy, now, it's not all of the petroglyphs that are questioned, it's specifically the glyphs that are said to represent alien astronauts and they appear to show men or beings with radiating helmets on their heads and wielding oddly shaped weapons. Then we have the many different petroglyphs from ancient Egypt that depict all sorts of different "beings" and flyings apparatuses, many are said to be proof that the Egyptians came in contact with aliens or UFOs. 

I just find it very fascinating that there are so many different ancient depictions of other beings or UFOs, do I believe whole heartedly that this must mean there ARE aliens? I'm undecided, but it does intrigue me and I enjoy hearing everyones theories, it's a sort of cluedo if you will and I like researching to find out all the different stand points and beliefs. I'm both a skeptic and believer, the two polar opposites in me often leave me torn but I think it's important to always keep an open mind and be ready for any information that comes my way so that I can critically analyse it, research and find out everything I can as I enjoy the learning more than anything. 

So, that's what I have been enjoying during quarantine, true crime and aliens... It's a varied spectrum which always get's me thinking and using my research skills because I enjoy soaking up all of the information and getting clued up on different topics, and once a piece of information sticks in my head, I'm like a dog with a bone and I just have to find out everything I can. 


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