The Virus

As I am sure everyone is aware, we are in a complete world pandemic right now and it's taking it's toll on a number of sectors within the creative industries, unfortunately it's effecting college and the promise of the "shiny medal" (our HND qualification) at the end of our course seems to be fading further and further into oblivion. 

Life is up in the air the now, we all feel it, the dread of not knowing, wondering if you will be next to be struck by the dreaded virus and pining over the outside world from our windows makes everything seem a bit bleak at the moment. Being in lockdown has taught me a lot and I've only been in isolation for over a week, I've learned that childcare really was not my forte and why I even wanted to study that in my teens is beyond me, I love my child more than life itself, he is my whole world and more but if I hear "but why" one more time, I may just risk leaving the house! I jest, but I am starting to get cabin fever and with the added stress of being high risk and living with another high risk person is starting to get a bit much. 

The past 7 days has saw the closures of schools, businesses and more in a bid to tackle this pandemic and make sure that the NHS can do their thing without putting a huge strain on them but somehow the message of STAY HOME has went in one ear and out the other for a lot of people who still want to have a good old day out at the beach... I could say a lot on this subject but I'll leave it at this, DON'T BE IRRESPONSIBLE! 

With all the stress and worry I haven't touched any of my work, I sort of went into shut down mode and found myself loathing the thought of doing any work. I could feel myself slipping into my depression and the routine that comes with it of barley talking or doing anything but after a well needed pitty party for one, I have a sense of renewal about me. 

I've found the will to do work once more because I just can't let this pandemic drag me down day in and day out, it's strange this new way of life we have at the moment but we will get through it and I guess I just have to remind myself of that because if I stick to my doom and gloom attitude, I'll never get through this. 

Although college is shut and production for our short films and showreels has halted, I can still work on things within my house and make video content which is what I am planning to do. I couldn't tell you what I am planning on video wise because right now my creative meter is low and I have to go into my process to get the levels up but I am hoping to create little stories, even if it's a minute long. I am also planning on making more promotional content for brands I am working with at the moment through my other blog, I have recently made two separate videos for Love Layla and Gus & Bella box so I hope to push into that side of content creation more. 

Mothers day with Love Layla

Gus & Bella March Box

So, what's the next step? well, I don't know, I'm taking it day by day and hoping for the best. 


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