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The Attic is a short film trailer idea that I have had and would like to develope. I would like to create this as a trailer instead of a full short film as I quite enjoyed making Analogue truths which is a film noir trailer I produced as part of a group and have spoken about on the blog. Because I enjoyed making Analogue truths I want to have a go at creating another trailer in the genre of horror.

I really enjoy watching horror movies and reading about creepy stories online. I read about a story of a man who was living in someones crawl space in their house over in America and thought it would be great made into a short film. From there I started writing notes in my phone every time an idea popped into my head and now I've created a sort of rough mock up of what I would like to do with this story. 

The Plot

Having just moved into their first home together, a couple are trying to navigate everyday life together but things soon become a little more complicated when tensions run high from mysterious events taking place within the home. 

Alice, a hard working young woman who is training to be a nurse is putting her all into her chosen career path. Working long hours and attending university means that sometimes she doesn't get to spend as much time with her beloved fiancee, Martin, as she would like. 

This already causes some tension between Alice and Martin, but when objects are slowly going missing and food is mysteriously disappearing, the tense atmosphere builds between the young couple. 

Martin is a full time photographer who's work sometimes takes him away on business for a few days a week, with Alice's sporadic work hours and Martin's stints away from home, can the couple come together to uncover a horrifying mystery? 

The story will centre around the young couple who have moved into their first home and with some problems already existing within the relationship, the added stress of mysterious events going on within the home adds some more stress to the young couple. Unbeknownst to them, there is actually someone or something living in their attic who comes out at night and whilst they are away to have run of the house. 

I want to make the trailer as captivating as possible so that the viewer will get a well rounded idea of the story and as it is going to be a trailer, it will be around one and a half minutes long to two minutes and I want to pack a punch with it. 

There will be shots of someone coming out of the attic, the couple arguing, them moving into the house, things going missing and other little tid bits of their life. I also want to get music that will start out quite chipper to go with the shots of them being happy but then I want the music to change into a more sinister tune to morph with the changing of atmosphere. 

I have been researching horror movie trailers and taking note of what I like and what I don't to get inspiration for mine. Some of my favourites have been; 

The Amityville Horror trailer from 2005

Mama Trailer 2012

The Woman in the Window 2020

Get Out 2017

Each of these trailers offer something different and I like certain aspects of each like the introduction in The Amityville Horror trailer where they are moving into a new house and everything feels quite good for them but then the emotion changes. In Mama I really like the use of sound and the little scenes that are showing to convey the whole atmosphere of the movie and in The Woman in the Window I quite like the snappy shots with the music choice as it felt like the movie is built up and keeps the viewers attention. In the Get Out trailer I just like the whole overall feel that you are left with after watching and it makes me really want to then go and view the movie to see exactly what is going on. 


The mood I want to create is one of serenity meets chaos, with the polar opposites showing and evoking an emotional of everything is ok but then something turns it on its head, much like Todorov's theory where a story will follow 5 steps. Because it will be a trailer I really need to think carefully about what I want to show and how the whole thing will flow which is what I am working on at the moment. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have a fully realised plan. 


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