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In my post, Production Meeting #1 I went over three ideas for short films that I wanted to create, one of those ideas was Sleep Paralysis. 

At that point in time I was just starting to flesh out the plan for this short as I still had a few details to iron out but I'm now in a comfortable place in regards to the script and my vision. 

Sleep Paralysis 

Sleep Paralysis is a story about a young woman, Nora, who experience sleep paralysis on a nightly basis. This has caused Nora to fear her room and fear sleeping but no matter where on when she nods off, she goes through a hellish nightmare. 

The film will take place over the course of a night as we see Nora struggle to stay awake, the countless cups of coffee aren't working and she falls into slumber. 

Nora is asleep for a little while and we see that time has passed by a clock on her bedside table. As the clock hits 3am Nora opens her eyes and that's when the true horror starts. 

Nora will see a dark figure in her room and it will act as if it is taunting her, coming closer and close. Nora is paralysed and cannot move, having to endure this torture without being able to do a thing about it.

The short film will end with a cliff hanger, is Nora really experiencing sleep paralysis or is it something more sinister? 

I really want to play with light in this short horror to create the illusion everything is happening in the dark but if it doesn't work how I imagined then it will be in a dimly lit room. I want this back up just incase I can't get it shot in the lighting I want so that this production can go as smoothly as possible. 


The inspiration for Sleep Paralysis came to me one night when I was laying in bed with all the lights off, there is a dark corner in room that I try to avoid looking at because it creeps me out and from there my mind went wild. I started to think about the cases of Sleep Paralysis that I read about a few days earlier, imagining what it would be like to experience that and to see shadow figures or demons. I fell asleep soon after and it wasn't until a day later that I remember those thoughts and that's when I decided to start writing a script. 

I really want to achieve a classic horror look with this short and as I am looking to make it around 5 minutes my plan is for the story to unfold over a night. 

I have been looking through Instagram and creating a Mood Board to reflect the sort of style I am going for in this short. Because I will already be doing a grey scale tone for Captive, my other short film idea, I don't want to keep this to black and white, however, I do want the colours to be muted as this will be taking place in the early morning hours. 

Pinterest Mood Board for Sleep Paralysis 

I am finishing up the details for this short and I am already halfway through a script so I plan to have this finished off within the next weeks and I plan to put this into production after I have finished filming Captive. 


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