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A few weeks back I talked about some of my ideas for creating some short films for my showreel in my post: Production meeting #1 - I had three ideas that I was developing on but after some planning and rethinking, I decided that I would be axing The Dead of Night.

 Due to the time frame I've got to work with I thought I would adapt my plans and work on a different title that would be more time sufficient and realistically doable.

I've came up with an idea for a 3-4 minute short about a woman who is abducted and held captive in an isolated room.


A young woman is abducted by a mentally unstable man who has a fantasy of keeping a woman as a pet.

Chloe is locked up in a room with a dog collar fixed to her neck, the room has nothing but a bow of water and some newspaper layed out on the floor. There are two CCTV cameras in the room that allow the man to watch over chloe and obsess over her, treating her like a dog.

This will draw out over the course of a few months, with the CCTV footage time stamp showing the passing of time as this will be a 3-4 minute short film and I really want to convey the stress and utter despair Chloe is experiencing.

There will be a twist as the end that I don't want to share quite yet but I am really looking forward to producing this short as it's one I am passionate about creating.


My inspiration for this short came from Criminal minds, I've recently been re-watching the show and after seeing quite a few abduction story lines, I was inspired to have a go at creating one myself. 

I have a pinterest Mood Board that reflects the style a f mood that I am going for with this shot, in it you will clearly see the vibe that I aim to create and I have been looking up tutorials about editing footage in a CCTV style or old VHS tape because I want the audience to experience this as if they are watching actual footage of a real life abduction. 

Pinterest Mood Board for Captive  

I am looking to have a fully written script in the next two weeks so that I can get this into production as soon as possible.


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