Photography: Flowers

I adore taking photos of flowers, there's just something about photographing a plant or a flower that I really like. I enjoy capturing their beauty whilst in bloom, before they die off. I find pictures of flowers to be therapeutic to look at and if I could, I would photograph flowers for a living, in a heartbeat! 

I wanted to take some time to showcase some photos of flowers I have taken over the past year or so, I have over a thousand flower photos so trying to edit them down for this post was extremely hard, there were so many I wanted to feature but I think I'll break it up into a few posts so that it's not overwhelming. 

I find it quite calming taking photos of nature and capturing the beauty of a flow is fascinating because it won't look like that again. 

It's like capturing a moment in time and I really love to see the beautiful colours of the flowers and there little intimate details. 

Here are my top picks for today, I hope you enjoy this gallery. 


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