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Last Halloween I was on a mission to find some horror movies to watch that I hadn't seen before, I looked on netflix under many different categories and it was by chance I saw Head Count on one of the very last sections I was checking. 

Head Count is a Horror/Thriller/Mystery movie that centres around a young man, Even who meets a crowd of other young people as he is out exploring with his brother who he is visiting. When the meet up with the crowd of people, they have some small chit chat that ultimately leads to Even and his brother going along to the rural house the group are staying at.

Evens brother eventually leaves but Evan doesn't want to go anywhere, he is hitting it off with one of the women from the group they met and he just wants to have a good time. The story then developes and we learn that strange things are happening and people are behaving in a strange way. The action picks up and we learn that it is a shape shifting entity that is terrorizing them. At the end there is a nice little twist that leaves it open to a possible sequel, although I find that unlikely. 

I had high hope's for Head Count and I was fully ready to enjoy the plot but I found that at 20 minutes in, I was already board. 

The overall plot was quite good, I enjoyed that it wasn't a typical "bad guy" and it had a bit of creativity to it, the whole film reminded me a little of It Follows, another Horror that plays with the idea of an entity terrorizing people in a different manner. 

The acting however felt a little off, something didn't feel quite right and I can't put my finger on it, was it the writing? Or did the actors just not deliver? What ever it was, made it feel quite jolted. 

There wasn't a lot of dialogue either, the story relied heavily on the visual cues and stylistically I thought it was shot quite well, it didn't feel like a big budget movie and some scenes felt long and drawn out but I liked the feeling of the footage, the colour grading was done beautifully. 

It was an ok movie overall but I won't be rushing to watch it again anytime soon.



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