Just Start Here Festival | Day One

Working with the National Theatre of Scotland has been amazing, I've gotten a few opportunities to work with them, starting with my work placement in November of 2019. But more recently I got the chance to head down to the Just Start Here festival in Dumfries and film, a very exciting opportunity to say the least.

My self and another class mate headed to Dumfries on the 28th February, the day the festival started. We arrived on time for the first event kicking off which was Whoose hoose is this, a discussion based event that was held in The Stove.

We took kit in, got set up and straight to work. It was really interesting to witness the discussion and hear everyones take on the topic. Myself and my class mate spend the whole afternoon trying to get as much footage as possible from Whoose hoose is this plus chow and chat. After those it was time to get some interviews filmed.

Trying to find a space to conduct the interviews was a bit of a stresser because we were pressed for space, but between a broom closet and a cramped office, the office won. It was at this point we discovered there wasn't a battery for the LED light we got from the college store room and that I also forgot the tripod in my car. There were measures put in place to ensure we wouldn't forget anything but after having a rushed Friday morning and the added nerves of filming something so important, some sense went out the window.

Luckily though we found solutions, not problems. We had a monopod with us which helped fix the tripod solution and we bounced light with a mirror to aid in the lighting for interviews.

It was a high stress situation but I think we handled ourselves quite well. After the two interviews we conducted, it was time to head for dinner. We took 40 minutes to grab some food at the local wetherspoons and then headed to The Railway which was where the festival continued.

Setting up for the performances was a little stressful as we were moved around quite a few times from room to room until we got to put our kit in the cloak room as the door could be locked.

Because of the venue we didn't have much scope to move about due to it being crowded and not wanting to block peoples view of the stage. Although it was a tight squeeze, we managed to get everything we needed plus more.

We finished off at half 11 and headed for the hotel to get some sleep in order to do it all again the next day. 


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