Just Start Here Festival | Day 2

Our second day at the Just Start Festival was a busy and exciting day which meant we ended on a high note.

We went for breakfast at the hotel at half 9 on Saturday the 29th February 2020, there my class mate and I talked about our plans for the day as we didn't start filming until 2:30pm. Because we were in Dumfries we decided that we would take advantage of our morning off and explore some of the cities little treasures.

We started off at the historical Dumfries skyline which is in the city, next to Robert Burns House. We parked near a bridge which looked absolutely beautiful in the morning sun, looking around we decided that we would start from there and walk around, first up on our adventure was the Dumfries museum which is housed in an old windmill building and has a camera obscurer, to see that though you had to pay extra so we decided to have a look around at all the historical items on display. 

We say so many random items such as a dinosaur femur bone, tomb stones from the first century, handcuffs that were used to take people to be hanged (all of which I touched, they were very interesting items) and lots more awesome artefact.

From there we headed back toward the river and came across Robert Burns house, we went inside and spent some time looking at some of his possessions and looking at a miniature model of Dumfries.

After that we went for a walk that ended with us reaching the car after doing a huge circle. We looked at the time and saw there was still a few hours until we had to be at The stove so we went back to the hotel and chilled out for a while before heading to The Stove for half 2.

It took us a while to get there as we got lost a free times but we made it and headed inside to get set up.

The first event of the day was a discussion on Gig Economy which we spent some time filming before getting set up for some more interviews. We had the same room again and had to make it work, this time set up was faster and we got through 3 interviews that afternoon.

After the interviews we headed to wetherspoons again for dinner before heading to The Railway for the night time performances. 

We thought that it was just The Stove and The Railway that had events on due to the schedule we were given that shows 'sweatshop' as being on at The Railway and starting at 7 so we wanted to be there and set up before that started but another performance happened at The Oven which we Unfortunately missed. We turned up to The Railway at 6:45 but the building was shut, we thought that everything was running late because we didn't know about the other performance but we were at the wrong venue.

We had to sit in the car for a while as we had to wait for people coming to The Railway to let us in, we were there for about 20 minutes, listening to the rain get heavier and wind getting faster as it crashed against the car but before we knew it, it was time to go inside.

We were set up again in the cloak room and this night we wanted to get some Vox pops so I set up the sound kit and prepared a question to ask different people.

The first performance at this venue was Sue Zukie and she was absolutely brilliant, a very different performance than I was expecting but it was intriguing. After Sue it was Fortune by Sean Wai Keung who was one of the artists we were setting out to interview. After his performance we found an area within The Railway to do a quick interview with him, we ended up finding the perfect spot that had the Just Start Here posters in the background.

From there we then watched Wrapped up in this by Mele Broomes who had such a powerful message and ended up being my favourite of the night. The colours used were very much the style I am drawing to as the lighting was brilliant, Mele's performance was jaw dropping and I loved the whole thing.

This was the last performance of the night so when Mele finished we got some shots of the crowd and packed up.

Getting back to the hotel that night was amazing, I was so tired and sore but it was worth it. I am really grateful for this experience because it was a fabulous opportunity.


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