Analogue Truths

Analogue Truths - Film Noir Trailer. 

In our HNC year of Film & Television we were tasked with creating a film noir trailer.  Working in a group, we were asked to come up with our own trailer, create a story, and keep it in the noir style. I was paired with Andrew .D, Donald .E and Michael .D, and together we came up with Analogue Truths. 

We had about two months to create the trailer but we were done within the first month which ended up landing us the nickname of "The Dream Team" 

The whole project was good fun, we made sure to keep moral up in order to create the best possible piece of work and I think that we done a good job. 

Looking back now I see there are some things that could be fixed like the colour grading, some shot angles and even a tighter edit but over all I still look back with pride over this piece of work. 

Within this project I took on Directing, Camera, Sound and acting plus creating my own edit for it. We all had to direct a scene but with ours I directed a few of the scenes along with Donald. 

I enjoyed getting to do a bit of everything, it was nice to rotate and have a go, learning as the filming went on. 

Some Photos from set 

My Final Edit 


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