Behind the Scenes: Silence

Silence is a Shot comedy horror created by Holly Miller. I had the pleasure of being part of the crew on this title and it was a great project to help out with. 

The short is about a killer who is on his journey of carrying out murders. This take on a classic slasher movie intertwined with a comedy aspect was a fun short to watch and work on. As we see the killer on screen, we soon realise that he doesn't actually know how to kill someone and this means when he kills the first girl (myself) is killed when he accident stabs her and from there his kills escalate and grow with humour. 

My time on set saw me cast as one of the girls who is murdered in the short and I also helped out on sound plus taking some behind the scenes photos. 

Here you can see Holly's Final cut for her short film, Silence. 

Looking over the photos from set, I have included some of my favourites from Holly's shoot that I took.


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