Behind the Scenes: Lamia

Lamia is a short film by Hannah Love that follows the story of a child that is in the foster system and is taken on by a woman who wants to help the little girl get past her trauma. 

The child, Ava, goes to live with Jane and as they navigate this new routine living together, Jane notices Ava is taking food that has been made for her and leaving it on a plate next to her bed to feed the monster Lamia. 

Jane assumes this is just a phase that Ava will get past, obviously not believing there is a monster but what she finds may just change how we think of the monsters under the bed. 

Hannah's short horror film was one of my favourite productions to work on as I really love the horror genre and it helped light a fire inside of me for creating more horror content. 

The roles I had within the production was sound and driver. I loved getting to do some sound as I hadn't really had a lot of time on sound so this was a great learning experience that taught me how valuable the sound can be. 

I also took photos on set which you can see below

Photos below by Linda Doyle

You can see Hannah Loves film Lamia below 


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