A New Logo

As part of my college course I have to create a motion graphic with a logo that is connected with my work and has my 'production' name as part of it. I have had the idea of what I wanted for the past few months after I saw a simple line drawing on pinterest and from there I have been looking for the perfect artist to contact in regards to making the logo. 

I knew I wanted a simple line drawing of a woman holding a camera as my logo because the job role I am looking to go into is creating online content for social media and I thought that a woman holding a camera would best represent the branding I am looking for. 

I was sitting on this idea since before Christmas but I didn't really know where to go in terms of looking for someone who had the style I was looking for so I felt like I was at a bit of a loss, until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw some work by a woman names Charlotte who creates simple line drawings on commission and I knew she was the artist I wanted to reach out to. 

I talked to Charlotte over Instagram about the design I was looking for and the colours etc.. and from there Charlotte created my logo. It took roughly 4 days for the logo to be created but when Charlotte sent it to me, I was over the moon because it was exactly what I was looking for, if not a little better. 

From there I had to find a font that would match the logo for having my 'production' name under it. I spent a few hours on Photoshop looking at different fonts, downloading some from dafonts and trying to see what would work. I knew I wanted to keep the colours as similar as possible, I took some samples of the colours in the logo and the colour swatches below are what came up. 

When I had the colours sorted I just had to find the text that would match and after going through a lot that I downloaded and ones I already had, I whittled it down to 8 font ideas

In the end I decided on font idea 3, Carmello Free which was my favourite from the 8 that I sampled. From there I wanted to have a double layer to create a sort of shadow in the text with the two colours that I sampled from my logo. 

Over all I am really happy with how it has turned out, now it is just a case of putting it altogether in a way that looks best. I have a few ideas about where the text should be positioned and I need to figure out which one I really want so I can move onto the stage where I am creating a moving motion graphic. 

Right now I am drawn to my 3rd idea (see above) or the composition on my header (see below) That's the last thing that I need to get done and I plan to have this sorted out by next week. 

*Update - A rough version of the animation to show what I am trying to achieve


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