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I hit a road block one day, wondering where I wanted my life to go and what that might look like both scared me yet excited me, I knew I wanted to do something in the creative industries as I have always had that passion but I just didn't know what that job role would be.

Now, 10 years after I first started to take my journey, it's starting to feeling it's all coming together, my HND year will be over in 5 months, then it's out into the working world.

My interest in photography started at young age, my mum loved those Kodak single use cameras, we always had a drawer full of half used and full ones that we would use randomly which I'm told I loved, even at 18 months old I was running about with one on holiday, so the passion has always been there.

The single use cameras were fun, but it wasn't until my mum bought a compact digital camera that I really started to take an interest. Before my 2nd trip to Canada, my mum opted to ditch the Kodak single use camera and go for a digital compact camera instead, it was a cyber shot that I still have to this day, my mum also bought me one in the process and it was from that moment on, I became very interested in Photography.

I started out like most kids, taking photos of everything and anything, this included mini photo shoots with my cat dressed up... R.I.P Baby. My curiosity peaked and I began to photograph flowers and landscapes, not much has changed in 20 years.

The excitement of being able to capture the world always overtook, anywhere we traveled to, I was snapping photos. Even though I ditched the single use cameras, I still liked to get my photos developed and I'm glad I did because having physical copies to look back at carries a lot of sentiment and memories.

As I grew up I never lost my passion for taking photos, it only grew stronger and even when my rebellious early teen stage hit, I still always had a camera to hand.

Fast forward to August 2010 where I began a course in Film, TV & Radio, after loving still photos for years on end, I began to take in interest in moving image, films and TV. I began the course very optimistic, I threw myself into it and loved learned about the film making process, back then we were using JVC camcorders, having to wrangle data through a lengthy process which took forever, so it's nice to have a quicker way to do that now.

Unfortunately for some personal reasons, I dropped out, worst mistake ever! Letting others bother me and worrying too much about them meant I wasn't brave enough to go after my dream, but I look back now and feel like fate played a part in that because going for this, for a second time has given me time to mature and realise my goals. Going into the NQ class again in 2017 was nerve wracking but I met some pretty awesome people who made it easier.

After I left I began taking online courses in Photography, this only strengthened my passion. I was accepted for the Film course at city of Glasgow college due to start in August 2013, but on the 13th May 2013 I found out that I was pregnant, so I didn't take my place on the course.

My passion sort of took a back seat for a couple of years as I adjusted to becoming a mother and battling post partum depression, but I tried to channel my energy into something as I needed a creative release and that thing just happened to be blogging.

I have been blogging since June 2015 and I've never looked back. Having a creative outlet that is my little slice of the internet turned out to be something I didn't know was missing from my life.
Graphic that has ofglasgowgirl written in black on a white background with a pink "xo" behind it.

Through my blog,, I've had so many wonderful opportunities, I've met some pretty awesome people, worked with big name brands such as The Body Shop, Thomas Sabo and Cineworld just to name a few. I have also been a Magnitone brand ambassador and I have worked with small businesses to create content which is something I'm very passionate about as I think supporting small businesses is important.

It's been a wild journey with blogging but it helped me to gain self confidence and was a big reason why I went back to college to pursue Film and Photography. When I started the NQ course I didn't have a plan for progressing through the years but as we have been learning, the more I'm sure this is what I want to be doing with my life.

Now I am in my HND year of Film & TV, progressing much faster than I imagined and it's been a worthwhile journey that I'm glad I got up the courage for.

Having gone through this journey and changing my mind a few times about my career choice, I'm finally on a path that's leading somewhere, I'm both nervous and excited


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