BILT Summit 2019

On Tuesday 8th October Myself, Linda and Donald went along to the BILT Summit at New College Lanarkshire, Motherwell campus. We spent the day filming, taking photos and getting to see first hand what the BILT summit is all about. 

Getting the chance to go along to the summit and film it was an amazing opportunity, I learned a lot from being out on location with a small brief, not to mention it was a little last minute with the details but it was enjoyable none the less. 

My role within the group was to operate Cam A and take photos, I was super nervous just because I didn't want to let the team down if I wasn't doing it right but I think the fact we all work together well helped as we encouraged each other, helped out where we could and kept the group moral up. 

This was a massive learning experience for us, we found what worked for us, put a system in place and tried to keep ourselves as organised as possible. Linda was on top form when it came to paperwork, everything was filled out, ready to go, Donald's was quick on his feet, when it came to the interview, he whipped up questions for it in no time and I tried to make sure we were on schedule, I had everything planned out from how long we spend in each class to where we were going next. All of our skills put together got us through the day and at the end, we couldn't have been prouder, we walked away with big smiles on our faces and our adrenalin pumping. 

After this experience I'll definitely be putting myself forward for more projects as this was so enjoyable and I feel I learned a lot from being out on location working to someone elses brief. I guess being thrown in at the deep end ain't so bad. 

You can watch the Edit by Donald Edgar below 


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