Brainstorming: Documentary Plans

Brainstorming documentary ideas is hard. I've been creating lists, mind maps, charts and more in the quest to find a documentary idea, yet I'm still on the fence. 

We recently had a meeting in class where we spoke about our documentary ideas, I pitched my idea on diving into the world of bloggers and/or influencers. Most people seemed quite intrigued by the concept and my lecturer was happy for me to go ahead with this documentary idea but ever since we had a talk through at the table and hearing everyone else ideas, I am really not sure if my idea holds up. I love the prospect of being able to dive into this sort of industry because it's one I'm part of and wished more people knew about instead of always having misconceptions about what a blogger is and what an influencer is. It's because of how close I am to this topic though that makes me scared to even attempt it as I don't want to make a bias, one sided, half documentary which doesn't make sense or hold up as a documentary. 

There are so many thoughts running through my head, I can't seem to keep my thoughts straight, no matter the level of organisation I go to. I also had the idea of one on Taekwondo as my little one is part of a local club. When we first had a talk about the documentaries that we have to create, lot's on little pieces of advice were dropped by our lecturer and I tried to soak them up and keep them in mind whilst brainstorming, one of the tips was to think of somewhere everything is readily available, like a place a club meets so that we don't have to worry about having to find lot's of people to interview. I think I'm just worried because what if no one shows up to interviews? What if the documentary is total guff? I can't help but get this looming feeling of doubt when I try to settle on my documentary plans, it's not long until we start filming them! 

Hopefully everything become clearer once I finally make my mind up, I just don't want to disappoint anyone or myself, I want to keep giving my best as that's what I'm used to. Striving for perfection isn't always feasible but it's just who I am as a person, I give 110% to anything I set myself up to and that's going to be a bit of a hindrance to me at this moment, I have to learn to push that part of me aside. 

Till next time.... 


  1. Firstly, how exciting to have a blog specifically for your coursework - go you! Secondly, I think you should go with your first instinct and create your documentary around blogging and influencers. Don't knock yourself, Jordanne, you have MASSES of experience in this field, as well as setting up and running Bloggers Tribe. You are one of the bloggers I always look up to and trust so I would say you have a massive head start. Good luck, I hope your documentary goes well - and as far as getting contributions or feedback, the blogging community has your back, just let us know what you need! XXX

    Lisa |

  2. I definitely believe that you will find a great topic for your documentary! It would be a little difficult to not be biased about blogging and influencers, but I do feel like it would be really neat. I know I would watch it, even as a blogger I am so curious of the day-to-day of other bloggers and how they find their passion, etc.


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