Getting Creative in Lockdown

As I find myself trying yearning to be creative from my bed whilst I'm sick again, yeah, I got sick, I'm still sick and I am waiting to be tested for the pesky virus. I have been quarantined to my room as my gran and son shield in a different part of the house, meaning I have countless time on my hands at the moment. The good news is, I finally started watching movies again, I started out with Hustlers then went onto American Psycho, Psycho, Cabin in the woods, Friday 13th and a few more horror related titles.

Lonely - Character Profile

Doing character profiles is one of my favourite things to do in pre-production. I like to create a character, get into their head, imagine I am them and think about what makes them tick, who are they? Where did they come from and why are they the way they are today. It is a chance for me to get creative and think outside of the box and this way, I can then create a character that I am proud of and it gives the actor more to work with so that they can connect with the role on a deeper level. 


Stalked is my first proper short film that I made a the way through and the whole experience was great, I had a fabulous team behind me and I really enjoyed being able to create a short film in a genre that I enjoy. 

Short Film Idea | Lonely

Since lockdown has been in effect I have been struggling with coming up with content ideas because I've been sort of moping about at the fact I can't get started on the short film ideas I had. Quarantine has meant that I can't get underway with them so I've been trying to come up with new ideas of short films that i can make whilst in the house and with the equipment I have. 

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